When my phone rings the phone call shows up on my mac, which is great except that it also switches my display from the full-screen application to the main desktop screen.

Since the FaceTime popup is basically the same size and shape as a regular notification, is there any way to get it to pop up like other notifications instead of switching to the desktop and interrupting my work?


Assign it to either "All Desktops" or "None." Right Click to access the context menu and then select "Options"

I have mine set to "None" and regardless of where I am, it does't switch but the notification pops up in the Notification center as expected.

FaceTime Desktop Assignment

  • What version of MacOS are you using? This does not appear when I right click FaceTime in the dock and I am using the latest MacOS (Mojave). – Tyler Apr 1 at 16:45

Interesting. Please try closing the FaceTime app. Then see what happens when you receive an incoming call. For me, an incoming call will shuffle me to the desktop where the FaceTime app is displayed, but if it's not open, I just get the notification in the upper right corner with no desktop change.

  • What you are describing is how I expect it to work, but that is not what I am experiencing. With the FaceTime app closed, it still switches screens. – Tyler Mar 30 at 15:46

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