When I go to "Desktop & Screen Saver", I see about 20 different screensavers. All online resources I've found have directed me to one of these locations, none of which contain ALL of the screensavers. In particular, I just want to edit/poke around in the .saver file for the Floating screensaver.

I can only find the abstract art screensavers like Flurry, Arabesque, Shell, Word of the Day, Random. There are other screen savers I can use, like Floating, Flip-up, Reflections, Origami, ...

Where are all of the other screensavers?

I've looked in these folders:

/Library/Screen Savers
    (only contains a folder with a bunch of pictures)
~/Library/Screen Savers
/System/Library/Screen Savers
    (only contains abstract screen savers mentioned above)
    (contains a bunch of irrelevant files) 

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In Mojave you have two kinds of screensavers:

  • The abstract ones (these are the ones you already found: /System/Library/Screen Savers)
  • The slideshows: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Slideshows.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Content/Styles

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