I am planning to buy an Apple Watch series 3 (GPS only) but confused between normal and Nike+ edition. If I purchase Nike+ edition, am I losing anything that is in Normal watch? If Nike+ edition is (Normal + Nike) then why Apple has kept price of both same?

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The Apple Watch Series 3 and Nike+ Edition are exactly the same hardware, just different bands and some preloaded software (which you can manually install on a plain Apple Watch). It's the same price because it's essentially the same hardware in the box

From Apple Insider:

Last year's Nike+ Apple Watch Series 3 wasn't much different from the standard version making it a bit tough to choose between the two models.

What's different with Series 4....

  • Not available in Gold or Stainless Steel
  • Nike exclusive faces that immediately take you to "complications" in the Nike Training App
  • Nike specific bands (reflective) geared toward training (can't buy separately from Apple's website; off of eBay, well that a different story)

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