I have a script which add the current time to a plist. Basically it's help me taking track of my overtime.

That's work fine if I run it once but if I run it more than once the primary Plist is replaced by the value of the new one.

Can I add all in the same plist instead of overwriting ? e.g

"Start Time 1 : 06:39" "Start Time 2 : 21:05"

Where is my current script :

set ShortDate to short date string of (current date)
set myDate to date string of (current date)
set [dayLetter, dayNumber, MonthLetter, yearNumber] to the words of myDate
set t to (time string of (current date))
set [hoursInNumber, minutesInNumber, secondInNumber] to the words of t
set startTimeValue to (current date)
set startTimeClear to dayLetter & " " & dayNumber & " " & MonthLetter & " at " & hoursInNumber & ":" & minutesInNumber
set plistR to {startTime:startTimeValue, startTimeClear:startTimeClear}
tell application "System Events"
    set plistf to make new property list file ¬
        with properties {name:"~/Desktop/Time/myTime" & dayNumber & "_" & MonthLetter & ".plist"}
    set plistf's value to plistR
end tell

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I figured out that I need to add " at end with properties" and make the key's name different, in my case I'm adding the time in the key's name

tell application "System Events"
    tell property list items of property list file Secondplistfile_path
        make new property list item at end with properties {kind:string, name:"OverTime stoped at " & hoursInNumber & ":" & minutesInNumber, value:myGoodNumbers}
    end tell
end tell

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