The Keychain application on my Macbook only syncs the "iCloud Keychain" items with my other Apple devices, which I guess is somewhat the point of "iCloud Keychain", specifically the passwords that are saved from Safari.

I am unable to sync all the other keychain items and store them in my iCloud, like "encrypted volume passwords" and the keychain items that I have manually added to the Keychain application. I would like to sync all my Keychain items available with iCloud. Is this possible? Or, is this not a feature by design?

Pardon me if this is a duplicate question but I have not been able to find any questions on this site regarding this problem.

  • what would you like to sync it with? another Mac ? – ankii Mar 28 '19 at 20:26
  • Yes, another mac, like my iMac or any Apple device connected to the same iCloud account. My requirement is that I do have a lot of passwords on my Keychain that are not in the "iCloud" section. But every time I do a clean install of the OS (which I do every 6 months), and log back in with my iCloud account, only the "iCloud Keychain Items" are retrieved, all the other keychain items are lost and I have to re-enter them one by one by "Creating new Keychain item". – Sajib Acharya Mar 28 '19 at 22:48

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