Currently my work around is to paste the text in the notes and copy from there the plain text to paste it to for example the mail app.

How can I copy formatted text and paste it as plain text for example in the Mail app?

  • Doesn't Notes preserve rich text? – lhf Mar 28 at 0:44
  • Welcome to StackExchange - AskDifferent ! Isn't your current work around already the fastest way of doing it in iOS ? – JKHA Mar 28 at 13:34

In Mail on iOS 12, I use the "Share > Copy" trick:

  1. Paste formatted
  2. Select the just pasted text and in the context menu swipe right and tap on "Share..."
  3. In the Share sheet, tap on "Copy". This copies as plain text!
  4. Tap still selected text to get the context menu again
  5. In the context menu tap on "Paste" to replace the selected, formatted text with its plain text representation

Still (too) many hoops to jump through but at least you don't need to switch between apps. The "Share > Copy" trick might not be available in other apps, though.

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