A little while ago I used Boot Camp in macOS to get into Windows on my Macbook Pro 2017, and now am stuck in Windows because I don't have the firmware password to get back in.

Since this a school computer, I never got the receipt so I never got the pre-made firmware password Apple support said I could find on the receipt.

Apple support said that there wasn't another way to get back into macOS, but to me that seems odd.

Any help or info would be great!

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    Have you contacted the school - that seems to be your first port of call... – Solar Mike Mar 27 at 15:43
  • Have you tried using bootcamp utility in windows? – Sam Mar 27 at 16:20
  • Once you've booted back into macOS, you can mount your recovery partition and copy KeyRecoveryAssistant and Firmware Password Utility into your macOS partition and use them to recover and remove your firmware password – Sam Mar 27 at 16:26

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