Is there a software for Batch generating web loc links for specified folder?


Folder1 -- file1.pdf --- Folder 1.1 ---- file1.1.pdf

Expected Output

Folder1 (Folder ) -- file1.webloc --- Folder 1.1 (Folder) ---- file1.1.webloc


above software helps it , but i have deep nested folder with 100s of files above software do not support batch handling , folder generation.

if there is no such software , will any one help me on below script . How to make applescript read line by line from a txt file with file url, generate folder if needed , save webloc?

Input : Txt file of below format

file://folder1/ file://folder1/file.mp4

tell application "Finder" to make new internet location file to "file://filelocation" at desktop with properties {name:"my location"}

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