How can I convert the value on my script from decimal to hours / or day?

For converting decimal to hour I believe it's :

hours + (minutes /60)

but my variable is in this format :


Somehow I have to get 23 set as a value (hours) and same for the two decimal after the "." but I'm not sure how to proceed

here is my full script:

set myVariableDateHere to "25/03/2019 00:00:00"
set myWantedDate to convertDate(myVariableDateHere)

to convertDate(textDate)
    set resultDate to the current date

    set the day of resultDate to (text 1 thru 2 of textDate)
    set the month of resultDate to (text 4 thru 5 of textDate)
    set the year of resultDate to (text 7 thru 10 of textDate)
    set the time of resultDate to 0

    if (length of textDate) > 10 then
        set the hours of resultDate to (text 12 thru 13 of textDate)
        set the minutes of resultDate to (text 15 thru 16 of textDate)

        if (length of textDate) > 16 then
            set the seconds of resultDate to (text 18 thru 19 of textDate)
        end if
    end if

    return resultDate
end convertDate

set myTimeDifResult to ((current date) - myWantedDate as string)
set daysV to myTimeDifResult / 86400
set hoursV to myTimeDifResult / 60 / 60

set hoursV to roundThis(hoursV, 2) --> -75.54 on roundThis(n, numDecimals) set x to 10 ^ numDecimals tell n * x if ((it mod 2) ^ 2 > 0.25) then return (it div 0.5 - it div 1) / x return it div 1 / x end tell end roundThis

set final to hoursV

if hoursV > 24 then
    set final to (daysV as integer) - 1
end if

return final

update :

I figured out how two set both variable :

set the_decimalMin to hoursV mod 1
set the_decimaHours to hoursV div 1

but now I can't make the actual math :

set hoursV to the_decimaHours + (the_decimalMin / 60)

error :

error "Can’t make the_decimalMin into type reference." number -1700 from MyMinutes to reference

  • Please make sure your code is indented properly — there is a section of code not within code formatting in the middle of your post, which makes the code hard to follow.
    – grg
    Commented Mar 27, 2019 at 8:01
  • You can avoid a lot of your overcomplication by using integer and modulo math. What kind of output are you trying to get - days, hours, minutes?
    – red_menace
    Commented Mar 27, 2019 at 14:20
  • I’m trying to get the time difference between two date in days hours and minutes or hours / minutes only regarding the result
    – Kevin
    Commented Mar 27, 2019 at 14:29

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The AppleScript constants days, hours, and minutes are the number of seconds in a day, hour, and minute respectively, so you can just perform some modulo math to get the components. For example, the hour would be the number mod days div hours, the minute would be the number mod hours div minutes, and the seconds would be the number mod minutes.

Putting all that together into a few general-purpose handlers would be something like:

set myVariableDateHere to "25/03/2019 00:00:00"
set myWantedDate to convertDate(myVariableDateHere)
log result
set difference to (current date) - myWantedDate
log result
log timeString(difference)
log formatTime(difference)

# Convert date text to an AppleScript date.
# format is DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss (time is optional)
to convertDate(dateText)
  set dateTemplate to (current date)
  tell dateTemplate to set {its day, its month, its year} to words 1 thru 3 of dateText
  set time of dateTemplate to 0
  tell words of dateText to if (count it) > 3 then set time of dateTemplate to (hours * (item 4)) + (minutes * (item 5)) + (item 6)
  return dateTemplate
end convertDate

# Return an elapsed time string from a number of seconds.
on timeString(theSeconds)
  if class of theSeconds is integer then set theSeconds to "" & ¬
    (theSeconds div days) & " days, " & ¬
    (theSeconds mod days div hours) & " hours, " & ¬
    (theSeconds mod hours div minutes) & " minutes, and " & ¬
    (theSeconds mod minutes) & " seconds"
  return theSeconds
end timeString

# Return a formatted time string from a number of seconds.
# format is hh:mm:ss (wraps at 24 hours)
to formatTime(theSeconds)
  if class of theSeconds is integer then tell "0" & ¬
    (10000 * (theSeconds mod days div hours) ¬
      + 100 * (theSeconds mod hours div minutes) ¬
      + (theSeconds mod minutes)) ¬
      to set theSeconds to (text -6 thru -5) & ":" & (text -4 thru -3) & ":" & (text -2 thru -1)
  return theSeconds
end formatTime

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