I have a MacBook Pro 13" (2013). After it goes into sleep it does not wake up. I see the tabulator key light goes on if I press it, but the monitor stays black. I can only restart the Mac by pushing the on/off key.

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In cases like this you should try to do a PRAM and an SMC reset. You can see how to do that here and here. Don't worry you won't loose any data.


I had this problem and did everything everybody recommended, including a clean reinstall. I found a workaround- Empty the Caches daily or every other day. Turn on Enable the Develop Menu Choose Safari > Preferences, and click Advanced. At the bottom of the pane, select the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” checkbox.

I do not know why this works but it does for me. And if I forget to empty the cache for an extra day I have the gray screen is back.

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