Last year I bought a pair of Bose AE2 SoundLink headphones, no small purchase.

For a year now they have paired will with my MacBook mid-2015.

Now they do not, even though the Bluetooth feature on MacBook sees the headphones and prepares them for connection. The little voice inside the headphones no longer says "pairing with such and such MacBook Pro" even though My MacBook is seeing the headphones.

Any ideas why or what could be the problem? For example, would going from Sierra to High Sierra affect that?

  • I have Bose Soundlink speaker ca 2011 model which doesn't pair with my Macbook Pro 2014: it connects for a few seconds and then drops the connection. Manually re-connecting from the BT icon in the menu bar a second time works in most cases. The problem started after the upgrade to High Sierra or Mojave (don't remember). I guess you tried resetting everything possible and re-pair the devices already. This didn't solve the issue for me but YMMV! – jlapoutre Mar 26 at 8:03

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