I am having very weird issues with Photos.app. I recently took some photos with my camera and my phone. I made a mistake with the time-settings inside my camera so I adjusted the time afterwards in Photos.app. Now every photo has the correct date and time (according to what I see by pressing CMD + I) but photos taken later a displayed earlier in the list and vice versa. More specific: Photos taken earlier with my iPhone appear "later"/after Photos of my camera.

Example what an Album looks like:

1st Photo in the list: taken with my camera at 13. March 2019 12:00 AM

[... more photos by my camera ...]

5th Photo in the list: taken with my iPhone at 13. March 2019 10:00 AM

This also happens in the view with all photos.

I have enabled the chronological sorting via View -> Sorting

What I tried:

  • Quit Photos.app and restart it
  • Change sorting to title and then back to chronological

My questions are:

  • Why does this happen? Have I made a mistake?
  • How can I fix this?
  • Could this be related to some timezone meta info included in the iPhone file but not in my camera's files (I took the photos in the US which is not my home time zone)?

I hope everything is alright about this question since it's my first one!

Kind regards

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