I'm trying to see what email program iWatch uses by default for sending out alerts after I define the contact email addresses for specific alerts. I don't see the mail program defined among any of the configuration files, yet I see some iWatch documentation discussing its raw use in config files which somewhat defeats the point of having contact email addresses if iWatch also doesn't define which email program to use. I can provide any of my config files as references if need-be.

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  • There is a Ubuntu application called "iWatch" which I believe this question may actually be about. – music2myear Mar 22 at 17:48
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  • @xorlogic I apologise for the mistake and have reopened it there. You can delete your question here. – Mokubai Mar 22 at 18:06
  • @xorLogic, "iWatch" is a common term for something very Apple, and the question is about email which is a function of that very Apple thing called, commonly, an "iWatch". It is an easily made error. – music2myear Mar 22 at 18:09

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