In macOS 10.14.x, I'm having trouble with some sharing Extensions (System Preferences -> Extensions) causing some kind of hang. Unfortunately it's so bad that even the preference pane has become unresponsive.

I'd like to be able to remove these via the Terminal (shell) or by ssh'ing into the machine when things are particularly bad and that's the only way of accessing it.

Where are the folders that these extensions are stored so that I can disable them (probably by moving their files / bundles to a temporary disabled folder)?

  • It most likely a launchd agnet or daemon that's running. For example, use the command launchctl list | grep -i <name> to see if there is a user agent for the service in question. – Allan Mar 22 at 16:58
  • Unfortunately I'm not seeing them in there @Allan. – ylluminate Mar 22 at 17:22
  • Try it with sudo as well - it may be something that was installed/run as an admin. – Allan Mar 22 at 17:25
  • Yeah, unfortunately no joy. – ylluminate Mar 26 at 23:12
  • Look at your login items - under your user account. Also, try booting in Safe Mode (hold Shift while booting). Then try creating another user and see if the problem persists in that account as well (not in Safe Mode) – Allan Mar 29 at 20:59

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