MBP 2018(13-inch)

I got the Touch ID "reach fingerprint limit" problem.

I ran xartutil --erase-all command in terminal recovery mode. After that, I cannot log into my account with the correct password. It seems that the command deleted the decryption key to the hard drive.

I tried to unlock it with diskutil but it failed with the error:

Error 69808 some information is unavailable during internal look up

Is there any way that I can save my data?


Mac with T2 chip users, NEVER EVER run this command because it DELETES the decryption key for your hard drive, which means you can NEVER access your hard drive. any more. Though I am not sure if it is safe to use with Mac without T2 chip.

  • That command is used when you want to wipe all of your TouchBar data if you are selling or transferring your MBP; it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Do you have a Time Machine backup? – Allan Mar 22 at 0:28

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