Email server on OS 10.12.6 with 60 email accounts has been in operation for over a year with virtually no issues. Over the last month, have observed "Postfix mail transport not available" errors both sending (SMTP) and receiving (IMAP). I have adopted the practice of restarting MAC twice per day just to minimize the problems. The consultant that installed the server is no longer available and I have been unable to get problem resolved using Apple Care. Is anyone available to debug my system? I am in Dallas Texas, but believe I can provide screen sharing capability if someone is willing to try.

  • See if you can get far enough up the Apple Support chain to reach either their corporate support team or engineering team. Easiest way to do this is to make sure they understand that the problem is running a mail SERVER (basically that it's a server side, not client side issue). Once you actually get in touch with a very knowledgeable support manager, the corporate support team, or engineering team, they'll screen share with you and actually be helpful. Note that the corporate or engineering teams might take a while to get back to you if you're on an email chain. But they've helped me before. – NoahL Mar 21 at 22:05

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