I wamt to connect to server via ssh on MacOS but when I write "ssh id@ip", it can not run I try https://blog.csdn.net/shuyumac/article/details/79283150 but it still con't run Tell me what Thanks!!

The Error message is

/Users/sora/.ssh/config: line 2: Bad configuration option: host* 
/Users/sora/.ssh/config line 3: Bad SSH2 cipher spec 'aes128-cbc.aes128-ctr'.
  • What is in /Users/sora/.ssh/config as that seems to be in error – Mark Mar 21 at 17:31
  • That error is on the client side. You might want to edit your question to explain the version of macos on the server / receiving end and what os / version of ssh on the client / connecting side. A pastebin / gist of the ssh -v output might also explain the detailed error situation – bmike Mar 21 at 17:54

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