iBooks iOS recently deleted iBooks for no reason, it's an app I use everyday. I clicked the restore button with the little cloud icon and it reinstalled immediately with every single book and pdf that was in it the day before - except - every bookmark, every highlight and annotation is now missing.

I have already enabled sync bookmarks etc. but none of it has worked. I don't understand since it DIDN'T delete my local content, every book was there, but, it did delete all the notes I took.

This is really upsetting as I have dozens of fully annotated books for coursework that I spent 100s of hours on. I'd be really dissapointed if there were no way to recover them, although I suppose it's my fault for not making backup copies. I'd really be so incredibly grateful if anyone had a solution, I'm at a total loss.

Thank you in advance. -John

  • Confused : title says you deleted books then they were auto delted - sounds fine then you explain that you still have them... – Solar Mike Mar 21 at 7:10
  • Hi, I didn't delete the books and they're still on the iPad but all the highlights are gone and it says they're all unread. Thanks – D. Tobing Mar 24 at 2:53

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