Do Mac's save any cached versions of files so that if using someone else's laptop or borrowing own laptop to a relative for temp usage need to be aware to remove to avoid personal info being seen?
E.g. I recently noticed the Recents in the Finder so I was wondering if there is anything else

  • The way it is currently phrased, the question is too broad. If you are concerned about leaving traces of data while borrowing someone else's Mac, it's best to use it by logging into Guest user account. Guest user account removes all traces of activity/data upon logging out. – Nimesh Neema Mar 19 at 20:59
  • this utility will delete all the temp files on your Mac. titanium-software.fr/en/onyx.html – Steve Chambers Mar 19 at 21:24
  • Yes, in the root of the e.g Macintosh HD there. Is a hidden directory called .DocumentRevisions-V100 that could possibly contain information you'd not want anyone else having access to. – user3439894 Mar 19 at 22:03
  • @user3439894:I found it. What is stored there? Is it safe to do an rm -rf .DocumentRevisions-V100? – Jim Mar 20 at 21:18
  • In short, it stores version copies of things you've worked on and made changes to. If you search the Internet for macos document versions you'll see a bit more what its about. – user3439894 Mar 20 at 21:37

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