The Android OS monitors the power consumption of running apps and hardware (display). As you may guess, this is a useful feature as it allows to track down energy greedy apps.

Is there an application that would do such monitoring on Mac OS?

It should calculate the percentages of the charge that an application/process/hardware has used.

I use plenty of little software that runs in the background permanently. It would be nice to know if such little helpers drain the battery significantly.


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As of Mavericks, this is provided by the OS. Activity monitor has a tab devoted to displaying the energy use of running (and recently running) apps.

Also, the battery icon shows applications that use significant energy on Mavericks and newer.

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    The Battery menu extra in Mavericks will also display the apps using the most energy.
    – da4
    Nov 15, 2013 at 16:59

iStat Menus

let's you monitor your current computer power usage. Unfortunately, it does not break it down by app.

  • I know - as you said this is not sufficient. It is also proprietary. That's why I'm using the iStat Pro widget.
    – gentmatt
    Jan 4, 2012 at 9:44

If you try to catch an app or process that is exceptionally energy-hungry, to the point it annoys MacOS, you can also open the Mac console application (in /Applications/Utilities folder) and select the "Diagnostic Reports" group on the side-bar. high-energy incidents are recorded there, many times with quite detailed information. Each report is for one energy-impact incident. For example sample console log on my Mac

shows that the 'zoom' application was imposing high energy impact several times (dozens of times to be exact...) This technique is useful for retrospective analysis - not for what's going on NOW on the machine (where Activity Monitor is your friend) but for the long run - to see what apps are better removed from your Mac altogether.

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