I have a brand new MacBook Pro and Magic Trackpad 2. When I turn the Trackpad on it's not 'seen' when I open Bluetooth preferences on my MacBook.

I've read one solution is to connect the Trackpad to the laptop via the cable, but it came with a Lightning to USB cable, not USB-C, so I can't do this.

Should it be discoverable with Bluetooth? I've charged it for a few hours in case it was a battery issue, but it's still not working.

  • Strange, I had no issue connecting Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, or Mouse to my Mac ... are you having issues with any other BlueTooth devices, or can you connect those? Wondering if it is a general issue with your trackpad or your computer. – dr.nixon Mar 19 at 13:39
  • No all other bluetooth devices worked fine. As soon as I plugged the Trackpad in (someone lent me a cable) it worked straight away. Maybe this is part of Apples business model to make you buy as many cables from them as possible! – Evanss Mar 20 at 9:33
  • Weird. I didn’t need any cables for my three accessories - they showed in Bluetooth menu and were able to connect as soon as I powered them on. – dr.nixon Mar 21 at 1:40

Make sure the power is on to your trackpad. You should have a BlueTooth icon on your menu bar. Click on this icon and it should list all Bluetooth devices seen by your computer. Click on the Trackpad and then click on the connect button.

  • I didnt have this option. – Evanss Mar 20 at 9:32

After pairing a Magic Keyboard 2 and Trackpad 2 to an older Mac, to pair them again to a new Mac (MBP '19 with Catalina) without a cable, I just opened Bluetooth preferenceso on the Mac, then turned off and on each device (via the hardware switch at the back) and they became visible in the list of devices, then I clicked "Connect" on each and that was it.

Please note, they had been previously paired via a cable to the new Mac, I'm not sure whether that had an impact.

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