I just upgraded to macOS 10.14.3 from High Sierra. My Mac has multiple user accounts and so far (i.e. macOS 10.12) I could always manage which users were allowed to unlock the encrypted Filevault2 volume pre-boot (image downloaded from this website):

enter image description here

However, in Mojave I cannot find the option to do so anymore.

enter image description here

(How) Can I enable and disable individual accounts for FV2 unlocking in Mojave?

Update: After disabling one user using the command line, the dialogue is now available in the System Preferences.

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I just remembered that there is a command line tool (fdesetup) to manage Filevault. Strange, Apple removed the option in System Preferences.

To remove the user "username":

sudo fdesetup remove -user username

To add the user "username":

sudo fdesetup add -usertoadd username

For more details:

man fdesetup

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