I'm using Apple's Screen Sharing to control a headless Mac mini from an iMac. Things mostly work, except when I try to double click anything on the Mac mini, it acts like a single click.

I've tried adjusting double click speed using System Preferences on both the Mac mini and the iMac with no success. I've tried setting the sender double click to very fast while the receiver is set to very slow, and then clicking at various speeds. No combination seems to work.

As a test, I plugged a mouse into the Mac mini and I can double click items normally.

Any suggestions on how to make double clicking work?

  • Possibility that it’s a lag issue - you adjusted double-click speed on the Mini, but have you tried double-clicking more slowly? To rapid clicks may possibly be misinterpreted as a single click if there’s lag in the connection. – dr.nixon Mar 19 '19 at 14:08

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