I just bought an iPhone app knowing that it may or may not provide the feature which was the entire reason for me buying it. I figured I could always get a refund if it doesn't do what I want. It doesn't. But now I've realized I don't know how to get a refund. Is it possible?


I have not had success with "Reporting a problem," because my requests have been ignored in three different cases now.

Here's my workflow that has worked for me each time:

  • Purchase App
  • Find something wrong with App
  • Report a problem (it will be ignored, but do this just to say you did)
  • Contact credit card provider and dispute the charge with your reasons (mine are usually "software did not work at all" or "as promised")
  • Wait 3-5 business days
  • Credit card provider resolves dispute, issues refund
  • Apple disables AppleID due to "security risk" of account access
  • Contact apple support by emailing or asking for a phone call
  • Wait 1-2 business days for response
  • Kindly explain what happened, they respond by following a walkthrough of re-enabling your account after verifying security questions

In iTunes, go to Store ->View My Account ->Purchase History. Select Report a Problem. Fill out the form explaining what happened, and Apple will get back to you with information about whether your refund has been approved or denied.

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    I did this, but after selecting "Application does not work as expected" and typing in my explanation, including request for refund, I got a message that I need to ask the developer for support and the developer's web page opened in Safari. I guess I won't be getting a refund. – Daryl Spitzer Oct 31 '10 at 4:05
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    @Daryl Unless the developer deliberately mislead you, it's highly unlikely that you'll get a refund from Apple. Sorry. – waiwai933 Oct 31 '10 at 4:07
  • Apple never responds to these – Jack Wade Feb 17 '17 at 14:50

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