I created an app 2 years ago and have the bundle ID with my name in the ID (com.joshXXXX.YYYYY). I did not have a business at the time and I read it was okay to use my name. Fast forward to today I have a small team and feel the need to change my individual account to an organization. I would like to also set my Bundle ID as it should be for good practice (com.companyname.xxxxx).

Could this change be done with the account change to an organization or do I have to make a whole new app with a new Bundle ID?


The answer is somewhere in between actually.

If you setup a new organization account while keeping your individual dev account, you can transfer the app from one account to the other. In this process it is possible for you to choose a new bundle-ID for the app as an update of the app.

However, the end-users devices will treat it as a "new app", which means that it will require them to update the app and the app will have "forgotten" any stored credentials in Keychain, and if you have any kind of sharing with other apps you have made, that group membership will be broken.

  • Thank you @jksoegaard, appreciate the info on how it would effect the current users too. If the current users see "update" on the app store, that won't be to much of an inconvenience on the end users side, aside from the forgetting of their credentials. The last thing I want for current users is to uninstall and re-download the app. – waffles.syrup Mar 16 at 3:28

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