I restored my iPhone XS using the iTunes Backup I had saved on my Mac. Everything went back in place and also the pictures showed as being all there but, at the bottom of the Photos Library there was the message "Uploading 12.000 elements" (the number is around that). After one night it got down to 7865 then got stuck and didn't move. First, why did it need to upload if everything was already in the device and matched with iCloud Photo Library? Anyway...

I rebooted the device, seemed to go away then the message appeared again at the same number. I turned off the iCloud Photo Library, rebooted the device and turned the iCloud Photo Library back on. No improvement. I soft reset the iPhone with no result. I turned on space optimisation for Photos which, according to the Settings storage option freed 42GB of space. Going into the Photos app though all the pictures were there and still downloaded (no charging animation when browsing through them). Also, the uploading message was still there this time again at 12.000. I turned back on the "Save originals on the iPhone" because that is how it was before and how I want it to stay.

Please, what can I do to solve this?

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