The proposed solution to a non charging MacBook. Will this work?

Add a jumper from charger to battery, this is to bypass current sensing circuitry and SMC. All, or some of which may be the root cause of the issue. This can work since the battery is a voltage regulator itself. However i am unsure if the charger voltage might hurt the computer despite the battery regulating capabilities. This could be fixed adding a 12V regulator to the line going to the motherboard.

The Problem: MacBook pro 2012. The charger light is green(charged) even though though the battery is very low (measured by different methods). No charging icon present on screen. Have done: reset SMC, unplug battery, change charger, change battery.

some tests:

  • if i unplug the battery, then plug in the charger. I get 10V for half a second then it drops to 3V. From there it slowly decrease to lower voltages(due to capacitors is my guess).
  • I know the battery is good, i unplugged and charged it directly. when i inserted it back into the Mac it was 7%, it kept the computer on for a while before draining again.
  • The computer does NOT turns on only with the charger, it needs the battery for turning on. With the charger it spins the fan and blinks the sleep light 10 to 12 times turns off and loops again, but no screen.
  • This, to me, sounds like a very good way to set fire to the house. If the battery is 7 years old it very likely needs replacing. – Tetsujin Mar 14 '19 at 17:26

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