I have just substituted my iPhone XS due to a camera fault and restored it from iTunes backup. My phone is 256gb in storage and therefore I use to have all my Photos library (about 12.000 elements) downloaded on the device.

Now I don’t understand what’s the point of restoring from an iTunes backup if:

  • my Photos library says “uploading 7800 elements” still after a whole night.
  • my VLC library got wiped out and was not restored in the backup...
  • the iCloud Drive library takes ages to charge.

Why is it reuploading the pictures? By now I do not see duplicates on the other devices so I guess it is only playing a matching game but it is also not well synchronised because if I erase a picture on my iPad Pro it doesn’t get erased from the iPhone now.

Why hey has it NOT backed up the library of the local apps?

Why the iCloud Drive window in File takes so much to load even the fact that there are files in there? It is very stressful from a user’s perspective to open the File app and see as if it would be empty. If I load my Dropbox account it immediately shows all elements, even if just thumbnails.

What can I do to solve at least the Photos issue?

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