I have an Xcode developer account (a free one where I can create an app and test it on my iPhone). Not distribution one. I went to the "Capabilities" tab and turned on the "Keychain Sharing" and "Wireless Access Configuration"

enter image description here I turned it off but now I am unable to build anything. I am getting the following error: enter image description hereIs there any way I can unto the mess I have created? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Xcode but it didn't work. XCode version: Version 10.1 (10B61) OSX: Version 10.14.3 (10B61)

  • Link to repo? I’m pretty sure it just involves tweaking the app settings. If you have it initialized as a git repository, you could review and reset the relevant changes. – JBallin Mar 14 at 7:00

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