I’ve read some of the other posts on this issue about forcing "Waiting to Upload" files, but none of the solutions seem to work for me because I am using an iPhone 7 (transferring from iPad) and most answers seem centered on using a desktop/laptop or don't consider the limitations/capabilities of 3-D touch.


1. I do not have WiFi at home.

2. iPhone 7 (256GB model) no longer has cellular data (got new iPhone XR 64GB) but I still use iPhone 7 for downloading songs (.WAV) I make on iPad (6th Gen, 32GB 🙁) to VOX app and uploading to iCloud Library through Files App.

3. Because I don't have WiFi, once I've transferred files to Vox and Files on iPhone 7 from iPad using AirDrop, I turn on & connect to iPad's Hotspot to allow the files to upload completely (even though I can listen to the songs in entirety on both apps)

4. The iPad is not connected to the same iCloud account as the iPhone, but the two iCloud accounts are connected by Family Share.

So.... The problem I'm running into is that the .WAV files (on Files App for sure, Vox doesn't provide status) still don't progress past "Waiting to Upload" status after I connect to Hotspot.

If I open the file, the songs just play but still nothing changes.

I've seen solutions like, "two-finger pressing" the file name, then selecting "save song to iCloud Library, BUT two-finger and one-finger long pressing the file only result as a "3-D touch", meaning the file opens in a 3-D manner but the functionality is no different than normally opening the file.

Any advice would help, I really just don't want to lose these files since they're my own songs, and it's basically necessary that I save them to the iPhone 7 since I have so little space on my other devices.

I've thought about transferring the files to my iPhone XR first and then transferring to iPhone 7 (while it's connected to iPads Hotspot) and then just deleting them from my iPad and iPhone XR, but that's kind of a lot of work, and it may not work exactly how I'd like since both iPhones are connected to the same iCloud account.

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