I need to connect to an Ethernet network with my mac. The weird thing is that I got connected to different routers (different IPs) using 2 different ThunderboltEthernetAdapters. Can anyone explain me why and how I can choose a router?. It seems to me that one connects to the Ethernet (which I want to) and one connects to wifi's router (which is really weird and not what I need)

FYI: I have 2 options for internet: wifi or wire. To access database, I have to use wire which needs a thunderbolt ethernet adapter. 2 adapters that I have can prove me internet, but I can access database with only one of them. I checked their network status and noticed that they connect me to different routers. The non-working one is connected to the same router when I'm using wifi.

  • Do you turn off WiFi before connecting with the Thunderbolt Ethernet Adaptor? – IconDaemon Mar 12 at 17:21

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