I'd like to use screen sharing/I'd like to VNC to a Linux OS desktop from my Mac. Mac OS version: OS X El Capitan, 10.11.15A2301. Ubuntu version: 16.04.5 LTS. I have my Mac configured to accept VNC connections by enabling file sharing, remote login and remote management and I use it to VNC to other Mac systems but I'd like to VNC to a Linux system this time. I'm assuming I'd have to use some kind of sudo apt install command to install something and enable this functionality?

Please do let me know any methods you may be familiar with, thank you.

  • I hear RealVNC works pretty good, but there are a lot of VNC clients for the Mac. No need to use/install a package manager just search for "VNC Mac" there are quite a few out there. – Steve Chambers Mar 12 at 14:17

You don't even need to download any VNC client, as a basic one is built-in.

Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server.

Then in the address bar vnc://<your server ip or hostname>. Something like:

VNC from Finder

I hope it will help, Jarek

  • Thank you! I am aware of the built-in VNC viewer but I believe it is limited to screen sharing between Apple systems. When I try to VNC into my Linux desktop with that method, I receive the following error: "Connection failed to [ip]. The software on the remote computer appears to be incompatible with this version of Screen Sharing." – Ani Mar 14 at 14:50

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