I've set up a CalDAV calendar via my hosting provider. Using cPanel and webmail client Roundcube and i've implemented CalDAV into the standard Calendar apps of MacOS and iOS. I did this for creating an company wide account calendar instead of subscribing to each others iCloud calendar.

Almost everything works as intended except.. In the calendar app on iOS and macOS I can make events with no problem. But for some reason I can't edit (color or name) or add new calendars (again, adding/editing events work fine) within the company account. That only works if I make those changes within my webmail client, which works and looks horrible and doesn't fit in my workflow. (I won't make new calendars on a daily base of course, but it just doesn't feel right)

I'd like to make changes within my Calendar app on iOS or macOS, instead of logging into the webmail.

Hope someone can help, Thanks.

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