In my workplace we often save files to a local network file server, sometimes in locations with a very long hierarchy tree to navigate. This can take up time and lead to confusion.

I've recently been trying to streamline this process by sharing the file path as an smb link via email, such as:


This seemed to be working after a bit of trial and error automating the replacement of special characters in the path with hex codes to stop the link from breaking.

However, every time I click one of these links it automatically mounts the linked folder as a Volume in my root folder. Repeated clicks lead to duplicate volumes being mounted, and this quickly gets quite crowded.

Another effect of this is that when I try to link to a file within a folder accessed through a clicked link, its path is unusable because it starts in the newly mounted local volume, not the file server path accessible to others.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could solve these issues, or if not, if there are suggestions for alternative methods for navigating to a path location, like via Finder > Go > Go to Folder, but via a clickable link? Thanks very much.

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