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Apple mail is no longer connecting with google mail on Mac laptop running Mojave 10.14.3 with Mail version 12.2 (3445.102.3). The Mail application shows the disconnected icon for my google mail accounts (I have three). All three remain accessible if I access via a browser as opposed to via Mail.

Occasionally I'll get a notification that mail cannot connect with google mail. This walks me through a set of three screens. The first prompts me for the user name on the account. When I enter the user name and press next, the window transitions to prompting me for my password. If I enter the wrong password it tells me so and remains on that screen. If I enter the correct password, I get the third screen. This screen is all gray except for a "Cancel" button at the bottom left. Clicking "Cancel" is the only possible option; the close button normally present at the top right is disabled. Clicking "Cancel" has the expected result: Nothing happens. Apple mail remains unable to retrieve or send mail through google.

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    Have you tried removing the accounts completely (in accounts in system preferences) and then adding them back from scratch? – JBallin Mar 12 at 4:17

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