On Friday I had about 10 apps rejected for breaching the 4.2.6 guidelines.

Guideline 4.2.6 - Design - Commercialized Templates and App Generation Services

We noticed that your app appears to be created from an app generation service or a commercialized template, but it was not directly submitted by the owner or provider of the content within the app.

Fair enough. I do build apps from the same template, updating only colors, images, backgrounds and webservice endpoints. But I am building these apps as B2B apps, selling them (for free :) ) only to the customers for which the apps are built, so I am not flooding the app store with useless apps, that all look alike.

I wrote to Apple in all the rejections and asked them what to do in stead. These are B2B apps, and I've spend a lot of time, as have my customers, in the last year converting to B2B setup, because Apple told me to.

In stead of answering my complaint, they went ahead and accepted them all - no comments whatsoever.

TL;DR; - Does anyone know if the 4.2.6 guideline is also affecting custom B2B/VPP apps, that are not in the App Store, and can't be seen by anyone apart from the company they're made for?

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