I turned on my Macbook (running macOS 10.4.1) one day (I might have restarted, don't remember) and I was missing a couple of my menu bar items. They were Battery Monitor and Memory Cleaner. I know they weren't deleted because I still have their widgets in the notification center.

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    So they didn't launch when you logged in. Are they configured to? If you launch then yourself, do the menu bar icons re-appear? – Marc Wilson Mar 11 at 5:21
  • Both of those run as apps, and have to be listed as starting items in your user profile. If you did update and reboot, it's possible they were disabled as auto-starts due to some security or signing issue, or just that some dependency hung while the restart occurred - I'd check that they are listed in your startups. Worth mentioning that both of those now require periodic resign-ins of your account in App Store to be sure you have rights to run 'em, unless you're provisioned by an authorised server - that can cause this issue. Sign in to App Store account, open apps, reboot - see what happens! – GerardFalla Mar 11 at 17:58
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    Okay I got it to work. @GerardFalla had the right idea when he was talking about them running as apps. When I downloaded them, they came as apps. When I ran the apps, a menu bar item was added. All I had to do was run the apps again and it worked. Thanks :-) – sac396 Mar 17 at 18:52

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