Just purchased a new Apple Watch 3 (38mm GPS + LTE) and enjoy it. But I don’t really use it as an app platform. I mainly use it as a better-than-others fitness tracker; I like keeping track of steps and heart rate… Oh and time and such…

I am really am not too into the device as a place I will use apps on; seems silly in most cases. So I barely use the Wi-Fi and the LTE seems a bit of overkill to me on top of that; I just have an LTE model because I got a decent deal on it.

So that said, if I disabled Wi-Fi on my Apple Watch, what do I affect? I assume I will save battery life, correct? I know that the watch uses Bluetooth for data connections and that is slower than Wi-Fi. And that syncing things like music and notes and such will be slower and co-dependent on the iPhone I am tethered to, but is there anything else I am missing?

Is it simply the case that if I disable Wi-Fi I limit myself to Bluetooth bandwidth to and from my iPhone? And that if Wi-Fi is enabled the Apple Watch can more independently connect to Wi-Fi and connect to remote data sources more easily?

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