Recently I've tried to open a website. I used TorBrowser. When I opened it I saw a message that is was something wrong with the website's certificate.

I clicked "Advanced", and then I clicked something like "add to exceptions".

After that I found that this website now works in other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), so I guess the exception was added at the OS level.

Then I tried to find the certificate in KeyChain, but I didn't find it. I don't know how to find it now. Searching by domain name gives nothing.

Later I tried to open this site from another device to pass through "adding to exception" and took a look at any information about certificate to get know what should I delete in KeyChain, but I found that the website now doesn't ask about "adding certificate to exception".

So now: I've added some certificate to OS and I don't know how to find it and how to delete it.

So main question is: If once I add some untrusted certificate to exceptions and now I don't have any information about that certificate, how can I find it and delete it from my KeyChain?

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