Bootcamp on my Mojave says that “your sis could not be partitioned, please check disk Utility” . This occurs when I set the partition space to max on the BootCamp Assistant which is 80gb. But if I set the partition space to like 70gb it successfully partitions it and after it says “copying windows file” it asks for my password then it reboots back to Mac OS instead of rebooting to windows installation. I tried restarting and holding option key, it only shows Macintosh HD as the only disk available. But if I go to disk utility, it shows that I have a bootcamp partition. Please how can I get bootcamp to work.

I don’t have time machine on automatic, I don’t have localsnapshots and I don’t have firevaults on i have a Windows 10 iso file April edition from MS official website

  • Edit your question and add the output from the Terminal application command diskutil list. Also, include the model/year of your Mac. – David Anderson Mar 10 at 6:09

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