I want to deploy smb password with ARD, or create a small script.

With the command security I have the possibility to add a password in keychain without share the password.

security add-internet-password -a "user" -s "" -w "password" -l "" -D "network password" -r "smb " -T /System/Library/CoreServices/NetAuthAgent.app/Contents/MacOS/NetAuthSysAgent

But I like to encrypt the password as does if sharing wifi password (https://www.idownloadblog.com/2018/01/11/ios-11-how-to-share-wi-fi-passwords) and the user doesn't see it.

But in the man I don't see how to do it!

  • This is not a good way of approaching this. Why not create a unique account for the user and grant them the proper permissions rather than try and deploy passwords? Secondly, WiFi uses a pasphrase which is an encryption key that both the WAP and the client know. It's not transmitted in any way. If you need more security, consider RADIUS.
    – Allan
    Mar 9, 2019 at 13:54

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The “encryption” used for WiFi passwords is really just a part of the WiFi security protocol. I.e. it is a kind of precalculation of what would otherwise happen when you attach to a WiFi network. This is very specific to WiFi.

If you did the same “precalculation” for a SMB password, it wouldn’t work anymore and it can’t be used for logging on to SMB shares.

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