I have this annoying problem where when somebody responds to my email their mailer application adds "Re: " in front of the subject line and Mail can not group the messages in that thread.

Is there a way to delete "Re:" from all subject lines? There is this thread from 2012 but I can't make that plugin work.

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    Mail clients usually use the Message-Id and In-Reply-To header fields to group messages, specifically because Subject fields are subject(!) to change. I would be surprised if they use the Subject fields at all, maybe only as a last resort, with intricate fuzzy logic and considerable chance of failure. Check the email headers for Message-Id and In-Reply-To. If they are present and match the other mails you expect to see grouped together, I would report a bug to Apple. – forthrin Mar 8 at 10:15
  • I went to check the messages raw source for a couple of threads, one that is grouped correctly and another that doesn't. The bad one does not have the In-Reply-To field. Both have a Message-Id field. – Robert Kubrick Mar 8 at 17:39
  • Did you check the contents of the fields? That's what matters. In-Reply-To contains a list of unique IDs. Messages with matching IDs should be grouped. – forthrin Mar 8 at 20:09

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