Please can you help? I want to fade out an image on a keynote presentation but in the version I have (which is 8.3) there isn't the style tab. How can I change the opacity of the image? Is there a tool elsewhere within keynote? Thanks so much!

  • Do you want a fade animation? The dissolve animation will do that. Just vary the length of time to suit. Unless I misunderstood your question. – bjbk Mar 7 '19 at 16:19

To fade an image in Keynote, use the Dissolve animation.


  • Select the desired image
  • Go to Animations
  • Select Build Out
  • Choose the Dissolve animation
  • Set the desired timing and whether to animate on click or with another action

For more information on animations, check out the Animate Objects in the Help menu.

Image Fade

  • @user3439894 wise edit. Thank you – bjbk Mar 7 '19 at 22:15

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