This is happening all the time, first time mounting a network share to my machine, and for an hour or two I can use it without any issue.

after a while, when I'm trying to access this share (or any other network share to be honest), it gets stuck (loading or something) and the weirdest thing is while I'm opening terminal and watching the running processes, I see tons of smbremountserver processes running, and I'm guessing it has something to do with it.

does anyone else encounter that situation?

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    Welcome to Ask Different. If you're not changing anything on the computer once you mount, wouldn't this most logical be the server or the network? IF you think it's the Mac - you'll likely need to show us a little detail - what version of OS, the output of the mount command and how you connect (IP / name / graphically / using a program like Transmit, etc...) There's a lot of guessing we will have to do to guess your setup if you don't document it a little with an edit to your post. – bmike Mar 7 at 12:32

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