I use a bunch of Adobe products like InDesign and Lightroom, but they are trigger happy when you use a Magic Mouse and a slight touch will send the current pages/images sideways or jump multiple images. There is a Terminal script to stop sideways scrolling which I've set and confirmed that the option is set to false in the prefs, but this makes no difference. Any other ideas on how to do this so it stops sideways scrolling? Otherwise, a good replacement mouse for graphics/photography work.

  • Which versions of MacOS and Adobe apps? I've used InDesign with a Magic Trackpad (and MacBook Pro trackpad) for years and not seen any problem with scrolling. What exactly was the script - can you provide a link or include it in your question? – benwiggy Mar 6 '19 at 11:05

I've looked this up a dozen times over the last year, but just after posting found a solution that evaded me previously. This does the trick. Its in the Accessibility settings tab, not where you'd expect a solution:


Its stopped the crazy scrolling.


This doesn't completely disable horizontal scrolling but fixed the problem for me on Google Calendar where the sensitivity was insane.

System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad > mouse options > without inertia

Accessibility Settings Screen shot

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