Alright, so I went through the steps to install the windows support software from bootcamp, which enabled me to even have any wifi settings at all, but then after repeated failed attempts to connect to my wifi, I decided to use my phones hotspot instead. This time it connected, but said there was no internet access. I turned the wifi off on my phone and tried to hotspot the cell network instead, same problem, connected but no internet access.

I'm positive my hotspot works, I booted back to OSX, and I'm actually writing this post while connected to my hotspot, and it's working just fine.

I'm assuming this must be some sort of compatibility or driver error, but my google searches havent yielded anything helpful as of yet. Anyone else familiar with this problem?

I saw a youtube video that mentioned going into the USB holding the Windows Support files, and going to BootCamp/drivers/broadcom and manually installing this driver called BroadcomWirelessLegacy64, but my windows support files didn't have this driver in it. It does have BroadcomWirelessWin8x64, but in the video I watched, so did they, so maybe I'm missing a driver?

Specs: 2017 Macbook Pro 13" Running Mojave OSX, and Windows 10 pro. I live in a dorm and the ethernet port doesn't work in my room so I'm restricted to wifi only. Anyone familiar with this error?

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