I (used to) use a Preference Pane (PP) which was developed long before Apple introduced the idea of developers signing their applications. The developer has long since retired the PP in question.

I know how to open an application which hasn't been signed. I know how to open an application or PP at each login. But, without allowing all applications to run without restriction, I cannot work out how to get an unsigned PP to run each time.

I did try going into Terminal and typing this:
sudo spctl --master-disable (this allowed the unsigned PP to run).
I then went back to Terminal and typed:
sudo spctl --master-enable (this stopped any unsigned Applications or PPs to run).
What happened is what I thought might happen, namely, the unsigned PP was still unable to run. It was as though it had never been allowed.

When an administrator goes through the proper channels, i.e., control-clicking the application and selecting 'open', MacOS must add it to a Whitelist somewhere, I suspect, which allows it to run each time it is launched. By me bypassing that 'proper channel', I have also not let the PP be added to the Whitelist.

But I cannot find any way to run a PP which is unsigned - that's my first question. Am I also correct that there's a Whitelist somewhere, and how could I add a PP to it?

Thanks for any help!

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