On my iPhone, the Software Update section in Settings used to have a "Download Update" button. With iOS 11 it is replaced by an "Install update button", which means its downloading updates automatically.

Sometimes I get a message saying “Update will be installed after 10pm if connected to power”.

In order to get rid of the update data file, I used Settings -> Storage to delete the update. After few days the update was downloaded again and asked me to install.

Software listing

My internet connection is a 4G hotspot with limited, expensive data. Every time an unnecessary update is downloaded it is a loss of money..

I have tried the Mikoto jailbreak tweak, but it doesn't work for this. enter image description here

How do i get this tvOS Profile?

How can I stop iOS from automatically downloading updates?

  • I would be interested to see a real answer to this, but I suspect the answer is that without jail breaking you’re SOL. Apple decides what your phone does and you cannot. – Wildcard Mar 5 at 6:23
  • Block auto downloads has been requested from day one, but Apple continues forcing downloads on us. For the corporate world, you can use an MDM to control downloads. – historystamp Mar 5 at 21:31

If you've already turned off Updates in iTunes & App Store and deleted the update in Manage Storage, then your final option is to totally block the update domains



in your hotspot. This will block all software updates to any device connected to the hotspot. [1]

However, a variety of reliable sources (NY Times, USA Today, WSJ, Associated Press) would recommend updating to iOS 12. Many of them cite speeding up older devices as the primary reason.

  • Please look at updated question – user318524 Mar 8 at 8:53
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    @user318524 You updated question seems to indicate you have changed the hosts database - which was not what Nosaj544 advised you to do. He advised you to block the update domains in the hotstop - you seem to have jailbroken the phone and changed the hosts filere there instead. Is that correct? – jksoegaard Mar 8 at 10:33

Apple already has admitted itself that it purposefully slowed down the device with new software upgrades.

This is a stretch!! Apple has said they slowed down phones whose battery is in no condition to hold the charge. If they didn’t do it, the phones would simply shut down at 30% charge left. This is simply physics. Due to the controversy it raised, they added an option not to slow down the phone anymore. But the phone will shut down early. The only option to fix both is to replace the battery. It is (and I can’t stress it enough) normal behavior for a battery-based device with our current state of technology.

That being said, iOS 12 actually sped-up iOS devices all around! I highly recommend you upgrade.

However, if you really don’t want to upgrade for personal reasons, you can install the tvOS provisioning profile for tvOS pre-releases on your iOS device. This should block iOS updates as your phone will be configured to fetch tvOS upgrades, but tvOS updates are not compatible with iOS devices.

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