Update: There is no solution. After I got the .qtz file into /Library/Compositions, it didn't work, and then I found out that third-party visualizers have been disabled as of iTunes 12.6. It may still work on previous iTunes versions, but I do not know.

On 10.12.6, I am trying to install an iTunes visualizer, but there's no way to progress past this screen.

Package installation screen with greyed-out "Continue" button

It is supposed to be installed to /Library/Compositions, so I tried

sudo installer -pkg ~/Downloads/wowlab_oneday_1.0.1/wowlab_oneday_1.0.1.pkg -target /Library/Compositions

The result was:

installer: Error trying to locate volume at /Library/Compositions

The same error occurred regardless of the destination specified.

These are the files Installer wants to install:

Files inside .pkg, containing a .qtz file

When I expand wowlab_oneday_1.0.1.pkg with Unarchiver, it contains a Resources folder, Distribution file, and wowlaboneday.pkg. This second .pkg can't be extracted with Unarchiver. When I click Show Package Contents, it contains Bom, PackageInfo, and Payload.

How can I get the .qtz file out and into /Library/Compositions, presuming that's what needs to be done?

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From man installer:

 installer ... -package <pathToPackage> -target device


A device parameter for the target is any one of the following:

 1) Any of the values returned by -dominfo
 2) The device node entry.  Any entry of the form of /dev/disk*.  ex: /dev/disk2
 3) The disk identifier.  Any entry of the form of disk*.  ex: disk1s9
 4) The volume mount point.  Any entry of the form of /Volumes/Mountpoint.  ex: /Volumes/Untitled
 5) The volume UUID.  ex: 376C4046-083E-334F-AF08-62FAFBC4E352

So try sudo installer ... -target / instead.

If this fails there is also the option of using Pacifist to extract the content of the package and install it manually (or do whatever you like to do with it).

  • Unfortunately this returns the even more ominous "installer: Cannot install on volume / because it is disabled." Upon googling, this may be a lost cause, because that error is usually related to whatever hardware/software requirements the application specifies. It's from 2009 and was intended for 10.5+ so I don't know how I'd go about forcing it to install on 10.12, if that was the cause of the problem. Mar 4, 2019 at 10:26
  • @DorianhaBogelund You could try Pacifist to extract the content from the PKG. But it may very well be that the plugin is too old.
    – nohillside
    Mar 4, 2019 at 10:29
  • Good software, was able to extract the file, but then sadly found out that all third-party visualizers have been disallowed in recent iTunes versions. Thanks for your help though! I will now be trying other ways to use this file with system audio as the input. So it was very helpful to be able to extract the .qtz! Mar 4, 2019 at 12:03

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