For a brief shining moment remote (family unit, managed) screen time worked for my family (two special needs adults with Apple ID age adjusted to 14[1], one neurotypical 17yo who monitors her own screen time).

Over the past few months it's failed more often than not. Fails to coordinate use over multiple devices, fails to work at all for some users (local screen time works), fails to report data for some.

My guess is this is not worth pursuing until 12.2 is out. But, while I wait, some questions for people who may know ... (I didn't want to clutter SE with multiple inquiries and I figure the few who might know one might know others.)

  1. Is remote screen time compatible with shared iTunes credentials? In our family, for historic reasons and subscription management, everyone has their own iCloud ID but we share my iTunes ID.
  2. Does remote screen time have the same device limits as family sharing? (I have a hunch that it does, but that there is a bug with device management. One thing that might have broken it for us would be I went over device limit when we upgraded one child's iphone -- and erased device did not remove from remote screen time's undocumented device limit).
  3. Are there any techniques for debugging remote screen time issues?
    • fn - [1] It's easy to change age in Apple ID. What we want, of course, is an accessibility setting for cognitive disability so we can leave Apple ID alone but enroll adult in managed/supported use. I am sort of writing a book about this.

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